Welcome Aboard the TomCat – A Com Pac 23 on Lake Michigan


Welcome aboard.


This site is dedicated to the TomCat, the sailboat and hopefully sailing adventures of Thom and whomever joins me on my ventures.

My current boat is a 2000 Com-Pac 23/ III.  I purchased her in July 2013.  She sits in a slip (hopefully not too often) in Hammond Marina, Hammond, In.  My plan to to primarily sail this Com Pac 23 on Lake Michigan with an occasional road trip/ cruise to some more exotic areas including Florida Keys and the Bahamas (eventually).

I do not have a lot of experience with sailing although I have owned a few boats in the past.  Since she is sitting in a slip, relativity close to work and home, I hope to take her out a lot and get much more sailing time and experience.  I believe Sailing on Lake Michigan will provide me with a nice variety of sailing experiences on a large body of water.

On the pages that follow you will find my “ships log”, information on my Com-Pac 23, general information about the Com-Pac 23 and anything else I decide to include.

The Ships (B)Log is primarily a blog site where I will post details about sailing my Com Pac 23. I intend to try to log most of the sailing that I do here.  There will also be pictures and videos that are taken.  If you peruse these blogs you’ll quickly learn that I am pretty new to sailing.

I also am including information specific to my Com Pac 23 including upgrades, maintenance, costs, sailing characteristics, etc.  I am tracking the costs of ownership and if you want that information – you need to send me an email so I can enable you to look at that information.

In the area listed a Com Pac 23, I include general information about the Com Pac 23 including links, data, other sailors and just a variety of information I find useful about the Com Pac 23.

I hope you enjoy the site.

I look forward to your comments at Thomeng55@yahoo.com
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